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[Belle doesn't know what it is that wakes her up so suddenly. Her dreams had been peaceful and vibrant until she was suddenly yanked back into the waking world. For a moment she wonders if she heard a noise; wind against her window, birds or...perhaps Beast is back? Her heart beat speeds up with joy as she thinks it. That must be it. He's already been away so long...

Before she can think she's out of bed and throwing on a robe over her nightgown. She nearly races down the hall to Beast's room. She's not sure why, but she believes wholeheartedly that he'll be there when she opens the door. But he's not.

Belle moves slowly into the room, flicking on the light. It brightens up an empty room. Of course it's not exactly empty-all the furniture is in the proper place. But all of Beast's things, all the things that lended a personal feel to the room, a feeling of ownership, are gone. His journal, which she'd last seen laying on top of the nightstand, is gone as well.

She stomach drops as she stands in the middle of the abandoned room feeling lost. Silence echoes throughout the large house, making her feel sad and more alone than ever.]

[She spends the next couple of hours calming herself down. After all, Beast has other friends in the village that need to be notified. Finally she feels well enough to open her journal and speak her message.

Her eyes are red rimmed and her expression sad when she appears.]

Good morning, Luceti. I hope you are all well. I have some...unfortunate news to give. My dear friend Beast, whom some of you may know, has been sent back home. I only realized it this morning when I checked his room and found that his things have vanished during the night.

I am not acquainted with everyone he met during his stay here or I would tried to give the news in person. I would just like to say thank you for being his good friends, and ask you not to be too sad. I don't believe he would have wished that. [Belle attempts a weak grin before slowly closing her journal.]

[Later that day Belle can easily be found in the library, like usual. She's shelving books, working at the counter, or helping people find what they're looking for. Except there is now an air of sadness around her, and her ever present smile will start to fade as soon as she believes no one is looking.]
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[Early in the morning Belle picks up her journal, ready to make an announcement she's been planning to give for awhile.]

Good morning Luceti. I hope everyone is well. I would also like to welcome all of the New Feathers. I know things may seem overwhelming at the moment, but I'm sure you'll settle in just fine. It was actually a year ago today that I arrived in Luceti myself and I couldn't let the day pass without expressing my appreciation for everyone here. We've all been through so much over the past year. Things I don't believe I would have been able to get through without the help and support of my friends. So I just wanted to let you all know how thankful I am.

[She pauses here for a brief moment, trying to figure out how to best say the next part.]

Last month, in particular, was hard on all of us. We all needed time afterward to feel like ourselves again. But now I believe it's time to truly put all of that behind us. And what better way to do that than with a party? A slumber party to be exact.

A good friend of mine told me about them not too long ago and it sounded so exciting. I have never experienced a slumber party for myself, but I would really like to correct that. For those who don't know what it is, it's a party that takes place overnight in someones home. And I would love it if everyone would come. I simply can't do it without everyone's help.

If you would like to come it would be wonderful if you could bring your own pillows and blankets and snacks of your choice. I will do my best to supply people who don't have these things, but I simply don't have enough for everyone.

And...oh my! I haven't told you where the party is being held, have I? It will take place in House 17. My home for those unaware. There's plenty of space. So please come. [With that said she closes her journal.]

[Belle goes about her normal day as usual. She does chores around town a little bit earlier than normal. Anyone who runs into her at the bakery or grocery shop is free to notice that she's picking up a lot of food. Clearly it can't all be for her. And somehow she'll get all of this food home, either by herself or with some help.

Later in the afternoon can find her in the library, working her shift. It's been a slow day so far, so anyone who comes in can find Belle leaning on the counter, engrossed in her latest book.]

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[Belle woke up early in the morning feeling a sudden wave of home sickness she hadn't felt in months. But it wasn't Beast's castle that she longed for, but the small cottage she had lived in with her father and their small assortment of animals.

It's this feeling that brings her to the stables. She's only been here a handful of times since arriving to accustom herself with the horses and to take one out for the occasional ride. Things have been so busy she hadn't been able to come by recently.

She spends most of the morning feeding the horses treats and keeping them company. Eventually she gets one saddled and goes for a ride through the forest, though she's careful not to ride out too far from the village. People may catch her during her ride, or they may come upon her while she's at the stables before or after her ride.]

[After she finishes brushing down the horse she took out for a ride, she decides to sit down and pull out her journal. She has a question she would like to ask the village.]

Good afternoon, Luceti. I should also welcome all of the New Feathers who have arrived. My name is Belle. I have a question I would like to ask everyone, out of mere curiosity, nothing more. So no one should feel pressured to answer. But how many of you had animals you cared for back home? Or do you have any here in Luceti? And if neither of these, what kind of animals are your favorite?

As for myself, I grew up caring for my horse, Philippe. I suppose that's why I feel so comfortable around horses. I miss him every day...[She pauses for a moment before continuing, sounding more upbeat.]

Well, I'm curious to hear everyone's answers.
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[On Saturday night Belle had been mallynapped on her walk home from the library. One moment everything had been completely normal, she'd been walking along the outskirts of the village with a book her hand. She hadn't noticed the figure following her until it was too late.

After that everything became fuzzy and nonsensical. She woke up once and couldn't move any of her limbs. Blurry, people shaped figures moved in and out of her line of sight, murmuring in soft voices she didn't understand. She didn't know how long it lasted, that state of zoning in and out of consciousness, for the next thing she gains sense she's lying on the ground.

She lays there for a long time, trying to remember what happened to her and how she came to be so far from the village. Had she wandered off path and fallen? Had the memories of cold hands touching her and low voices talking been a think of dreams? Her mind playing a cruel trick on her?

But no, she's heard about these occurrences happening around the village. Of people being kidnapped and disappearing for days-sometimes weeks. Her heart thumps loudly in her chest. How long has she been gone?

Very slowly, she pushes herself into a sitting position and smooths the creases out of her New Feather dress. Looking around, she finally spots her journal laying a few feet away and grabs it up. She has a message to send.]

Private to Beast

I'm afraid my absence must have frightened you a great deal. For that I apologize, it wasn't my doing. I believe the Malnosso have held me for...I don't even know how long. But the important thing is I am here still. And I will be home soon.


[Done with that, Belle closes the journal without looking at any of the other entries. Once she's home and can relax she will take the time to catch up on what she has missed.

You may find her wandering through the forest, going in the direction of the village. Or perhaps you may spot her walking through the village, heading towards home. Anyone likely to remember her from the library might notice that she has not been there for the past few days and is only making a reappearance in the village now.]

((ooc: So Belle has been mallynapped for the past few days. Upon returning she has lost the ability to read. Any words she sees will turn to blurry spots that she can't make out.))
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[Early in the morning Belle can be found going around the village and posting flyers where ever she sees an available spot. She'll post a majority of them up in heavily populated areas such as around the fountain and in the plaza area. But by the time she's done they can be seen in just about every part of the village. The flyer is white with large, black lettering advertising the first meeting of a Book Club. If you can catch up to her, Belle would be happy to answer any questions about it.]

[Later in the afternoon Belle flips open her journal in quite a rush. She's just learned some very important news.]

[Filtered away from Beast]

Good afternoon Luceti. I have some exciting news. My dear friend Beast has a birthday coming up this Thursday and I would feel awful if it went by without some kind of celebration. I would very much like to throw him a surprise party and I want to extend an invitation to everyone.

Now, I realize this is short notice, but I have only recently found out myself. And because of that I don't believe I will be able to give him a proper party on my own. If it's not too much trouble I would like to ask for some volunteers to help me decorate and prepare before the party.

Food is another concern of mine. While I can make certain dishes, I'm not quite sure what or how much to make. If anyone would like to leave some suggestions, or better yet, bring some of their own dishes, I would very much appreciate it.

And I just have one more question. Does anyone know how I should go about baking a birthday cake?
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[Belle is quite pleased when she wakes up and sees the bright white-ness of snow falling outside her window. Despite the cold she's always loved this time of year when the snow comes and covers everything and the lakes ice up. There's a simple beauty to it that she's always favored. Plus snow is very fun to play with.

So she wasts no time in getting out of bed and dressing in her warmest of clothes before hurrying outside to enjoy the weather. Anyone passing by House 17 will most likely catch Belle during one of the following activities: building a snowman, making snow angels, or engaging people in a good old fashioned snow ball fight. Anyone who is up for a little fun in the snow is more then welcome to join her.

Later in the afternoon she'll pull out her journal and dictate a quick message for the village.]

Hello Luceti. I'm sure everyone has noticed that the snow has started falling by now. It has made me wonder what sort of seasonal activities others enjoy the most. Personally I quite enjoy playing in the snow, making snowballs or snow-people. So my question is, what sort of activities to you enjoy the most this time of year?
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[To say the past couple of weeks have been strange would be an understatement. Even though Belle had been forewarned about the kinds of things that happen around the time of new arrivals, nothing could quite prepare her for losing all her memories so suddenly, or getting them back just as fast. At least during that week she hadn't been aware of the mistakes she made and now that it was all over she felt too embarrassed to talk to anyone...besides Beast. But in that she really had no choice since she lived with him. But even so she's been careful to keep the subject of that strange week out of their conversations and-hopefully-out of Beast's thoughts as well.

So in the following week she takes to cleaning up there house, just as she told Beast she would. She wipes down every inch of it, clearing away the dust and the grime. And one day in the middle of the week she leaves the house to pick up some food to stock the kitchen. And she also makes a quick trip to the library to pick out a few new books to read and to return the others.

But this afternoon finds Belle once again at the library. She's standing in front of one of many bookshelves, scanning the spines of the books. There's just so many to choose from, she doesn't know where to start. She's mostly been reading stories she recognized from her own world, but she can only re-read those so many times before she's in the for something new. Finally she flips open her journal for the first time since the Shift and addresses the network.]

Good afternoon Luceti. For those who don't know, my name is Belle. And I was just wondering if any of you would be so kind as to recommend some books to me. There are so many I'm unfamiliar with in the library and it's a little bit daunting. I really would appreciate your recommendations. I enjoy reading fairy tales, if that helps. But really, I'm sure I would enjoy anything.

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Excuse me? [The voice is feminine and starts off uncertain before continuing with a little more confidence.] Do you know the way back to the castle? I don't know how it happened, but I seem to be lost in the forest. [Her voice falls silent, as if she's listening for some kind of response. When nothing does she continues on talking, but with less certainty.]

I really need to go back. Everyone is probably worrying about me by now. I don't want to give any of them a fright if I don't return soon. [Again, she gets no response. What good is a talking book if it won't talk back?] You seemed to have no trouble speaking a few moments ago. Now isn't a good time to lose your ability to speak.

[Finally the journal's silence seems to be too much for her and she sighs loudly.] Fine. If you don't want to help me, I'll find the castle myself. I'm sure Beast is already out looking for me. [Which...might not be such a good thing if he's angry about her sudden disappearance.]

[For anyone who happens to be walking in the forest near the river, you might stumble across a young woman wondering around aimlessly and clearly lost. And a few lucky ones might come across her seemingly engaging in a one-sided argument with her journal. Who knew a magical book could be so stubborn?]


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